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Dress Up Zombie! DEMO Dress Up Zombie! DEMO

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This isn't particularly my style/genre of game, but I think the music and background detail are executed wonderfully. I'm curious to see what achievements or things you will come up with when this is done, or further evolved. I played around with a few different outfits, perhaps have the zombie do different things for a completed outfit? Or maybe I'm just not familiar with this type of "dress up" game. Either way, I can tell you took a decent amount of time to make this, and it paid off. It would be funny to see a goth zombie or even a couple different avatars/genders.

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JkGambochka responds:

Thank you for your awesome comment! It would be totally great to add all of your suggestions to it in the future development. Ahah a goth zombie sounds awesome by the way! I'm glad you've enjoyed that piece! :)

Gold Digger Gold Digger

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Took me a minute to realize the hearts were balloons, or platforms. Ha ha. I liked the old school vibe this game has. Only got to level two, but I'll check it out more later. :D Nice job!

cyborgbuffalo responds:

Thanks man you are really being generous.
the first two levels are more like small tutorial levels, the later levels are more challenging, and I hope you will enjoy playing them later.